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Heritage Tours is a locally family owned and operated tour company, established in 1989. We are based in Cairns and offer the best value tours to Cape York and the Gulf Savannah.

We offer a range of tours that will take you to some of Australia’s most unique, remote natural and cultural heritage. Landscapes vary from tropical rainforest to barren landscapes, abundant wildlife, birds, creek crossings and the sheer vastness of the outback.

Our experienced, knowledgeable guides have a real passion for this beautiful region and will love to share the beauty, history and culture with you while travelling in comfort in our custom-built tour vehicles. With all this to offer, this natural beauty is certainly a world within itself, a special world to discover and explore, so come along with Heritage Tours and experience it for yourself.

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Travel in Style

You will travel in purpose built air-conditioned four wheel-drive tour vehicle with forward-facing reclining coach style seats,footrests and on-board toilet. Each tour vehicle has panoramic view windows and is equipped with a road cam, TV and an on board toilet. The tour vehicles are specially designed for the outback and built for comfort of our passengers.
Travel in Style
With a minimum of 10 and maximum of 25 passengers, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Cape York, The Gulf Savannah and Outback Australia at its best. You are promised nothing short of a memorable adventure into remote Australia on a unique and quality tour. Our tour vehicles are equipped with portable satellite phone for your safety and peace of mind, as well as P.A. System, first aid kits and off road equipment. All vehicles comply with the Queensland Department of Transport’s regulations.

Cape York

Cape York… believed to be the first stepping stone in Australian history, a place of historical painting sites and a vast range of cultures. Then came the first Europeans, followed by the early pioneers and explorers, such as Leichhardt, Kennedy, and the Jardines. Modern times came, bringing an uncertain future… mines began and vanished, but reappeared again, a spaceport in the midst.

Cape York covers over 207,000 square kilometres, an area almost the size of Victoria, and has a population of around only 15,000 gathered into a few small communities… this makes Cape York truly one of the last frontiers.

Vegetation is extremely varied, including eucalyptus or melaleuca forests, heathlands, and dense rainforest to open plains. Wildlife is abundant, with over 90 different mammal species, including the cuscus, tree kangaroo, dugong, and northern quoll. There are a large number of reptiles, with over 150 species, and these are often sighted. Just double this last figure and you have an idea of the abundance of birdlife on Cape York, including a few rare birds such as the palm cockatoo, golden shouldered parrot, and eclectus parrot.

With all this to offer, the Cape is certainly a world within itself, a special world to discover, so come along with Heritage Tours and experience it for yourself.
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Gulf Savannah

The Gulf Savannah … The Gulf Savannah region is a safari country of golden Savannah grasslands. Encompassing an area of some 186,000 square kilometres, it is Australia as it once was. The “Outback by the Sea”, as the Gulf Savannah is also known, is a high road to adventure, a passport to history and an eye-opening experience in one unique package.

The Gulf Savannah offers the serenity of mile upon mile of untouched bush-land, historic mining towns, the unique “Gulflander” and the extraordinary “Savannahlander” trains, remote cattle stations, the uniqueness of Cobbold Gorge and the fascinating Undara Lava Tubes.


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